About Us.

We are a product design and development firm specializing in loT and consumer goods, industrial products and medical devices. Our clients engage us for Concept Design, CAD, PCB Design, Product Visualization & Animation and App Design and Development.

Our Team.

Our team of engineers are experts in Mechanical designs, SensorTechnology and loT. Our highly complex predictive and cognitive algorithms make the product 'smart' that observe, communicate, analyze and respond to their environment.

Our Services.


Design is at the core of everything we do. Be it preliminary sketch designs of the new product idea, the form designs, the computer aided design's that are manufacture ready. We designed mechanically and electronically, but most importantly we design aesthetically.

We live in a design world, how else can we make it better. We live in a design world, if it's not designed well. It will not sell.


At the heart of it, Internet of things is two things. It's the hardware and the software and their interaction. For the hardware part we design all of the electronics, PCB [printed circuit board] design, the firmware coding, on board memory storage, pulse width modulation, the communication mechanism [Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRA]. For software we design the backend, hosting in cloud, Machine learning and predictive analytics.


We design and build the iOS and Android apps. Our process involves wire framing, asset creation for different device sizes, prototyping the interaction and finally coding the app in native language for better performance or hybrid language for easier maintenance. This helps achieve the IoT software interaction.

Graphics Design

Making the product is one thing, Showing it in the best light is another. We take pride in not only designing cool products but also creating magazine ready visualizations. These visualizations can then be used in any marketing campaign, Social media campaign, crowd funding campaign or investor pitches. Visualizations show how the product would look like before the product is even built.

Product Animation

With online searches skewing more towards video than written content, product animation has become part of every product launch/ad campaign. Our product animations show in loving detail how each and every feature of the product works, we use attractive lighting and custom music along with a well-written script and motion graphics so that the product animation can have a powerful influence on the buyer, user or the stakeholder.

Our Approach.